Ceramics Monthly Magazine's 2012 Top Emerging Artists:

Please join us Saturday, February 16th, 6-9:00 PM Chris Melia - pitcher

for the opening of our Second Annual celebration of a group of the best new talent in contemporary ceramics. This year we feature 11 of the 14 artists selected by Ceramics Monthly magazine in their May 2012 issue as the year's best "emerging artists." Participants include: Sunshine Cobb, Chandra DeBuse, Brett Freund, Andrew Gilliatt, Kim Henderson, Chris Melia, Lindsay Oesterritter, KyoungHwa Oh, Audrey Rosulek and Lilly Zuckerman.

Andrew Gilliatt - cups
[Photos - Above top: Chris Melia; Above, bottom: Andrew Gilliatt; Right top: Kim Henderson; Right bottom: KyoungHwa Oh.


Kim Henderson: cups

KH Oh - vessel with flow