Ty Johnson

I have always been a builder of things, a maker, and my ceramic art is just another expression of that passion for the hand made object. I love working with clay and knowing that almost anything is possible. I like the way clay feels in my hands and responds to my touch. My current work includes a line of high fired stoneware bird feeders. The idea being to create a well made ceramic container with both personality and humor.

I feel that having a good sense of humor, being able to lighten up and not take things too seriously is one of the most important skills we can employ in dealing with the cultural swirl that surrounds each of us. Too much seriousness and sobriety can be bad for our careers and even worse for our general well being.

I have the good fortune to be working as a resident artist at the Eye Of The Dog Art Center with my friend and mentor, Billy Ray Mangham, in San Marcos, Texas. With the help of an amazing group of friends we have created a place for folks to explore their creative side and learn to get into the “flow”.

Ty Johnson was born in Oklahoma, spent his growing up years in New Orleans and Houston and worked as a photojournalist for 23 years in Austin. Ty is a self-taught artist and is proud to be a new member of the Texas clay community.

Selected Work: