Sharon Warrington

I am primarily a functional potter. I love to use handmade pots - to hold them, behold them and breathe in their life. In my work, I seek to capture the graceful undulation of a mountainous terrain, creating continuity between form and material that reflects the earth from which they were born. By using porcelain clay, I can create a sensuous white canvas for the carbon trap shino-type glazes that put the color into my landscapes. I want all of the colors and fireworks this type of glaze can produce, especially the rare, wonderful spots and slashes of orange. I want the viewer to be drawn to the edge of the cliff and fall inside to discover a cool blue cave pool or an erupting orange volcano.


In these difficult economic times, I am striving to design work that is multifunctional. I want the user to not only use their imagination visually but also creatively as they press these pieces into service…eat and drink from them, cook and serve in them, use them for anything and everything you can.

My only request is that you take these pots out of the cupboard or off of the shelf and use them as often as possible. Welcome to my landscape, enjoy the view!


Sharon received her B.F.A. from Barry College in Miami Shores, FL and has amplified her experience through numerous workshops with noted clay artists including Paul Soldner, Malcom Davis, Cynthia Bringle, Don Reitz and Jeff Oestreich. She continues her studies today with Roy Hanscom of Lonestar College, North Harris Campus, Houston, TX.

Recent shows include Endless Variations II: A Shino Extravaganza, 2013, curator Malcolm Davis; “TCAA 6 Pack Show,” Best of Show, 2012, John & Darlene Williams, curators; “Strictly Functional Pottery National,” Lancaster, PA, 2007, Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA, 2007; Strictly Functional Pottery National 2008, Winner - Best Thrown & Altered, Juror - Linda Arbuckle; “Clay Houston Festival 2007 & 2008” at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston, TX; “Shino Redux 2010”, Invitational - Curator: Malcolm Davis, Clay Art Center Port, Chester, NY; “Strictly Functional Then & Now” (Retrospective), NCECA, Philadelphia, PA, Invitational – Curator: Jean Lehman.

Selected Work: