Marianne Levy

Marianne Levy was born and raised in Houston, TX. She holds a Bachelors degree in painting and a Master of Fine Aarts in Ceramics from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL. She presently resides in Austin, TX. and makes ceramics from a giant shed in her backyard. She recently attended a summer artist residency at the Byrdcliffe Artist Colony in Woodstock, NY.

I have always been drawn to working with the figure, whether it be human or animal. I often combine elements from the animal or natural world with the human form to express a fundamentally animalistic side of human nature. The results of these combinations are often surreal and hopefully humorous, albeit sometimes in a dark manner. In my work I am trying to convey an emotional truth, whether it be personal or collective, of hidden aspects of our psychology and nature.

To me, making art is like a birthing. The element of surprise that comes from the materialization of an idea is the most exciting aspect of the creative process. Before a piece is finished I don't want to know how it will be; Latent imagery is fed by all that surrounds me, and the result is like a bastard child whose origin is questionable. My goal as an artist is to stay in the unknown and to made art primarily for the sake of discovery.
My method of construction utilizes coil building with a stoneware or mid-fire clay body fired at a low temperature. I use a combination of underglazes, oxides and glaze to create surfaces which have a rustic or layered appearance.



Selected Work: