Solos and Duets: Works in Clay & Cloth
- Carolyn Dahl & Thomas Perry

Carolyn and Thomas Please join us Saturday, October 8th,
6-9:00 PM
for the opening of "Solos and Duets: Works in Clay & Cloth" showcasing new collaborative work of two local artists. "Solos and Duets features both collaborative and individual pieces by textile artist Carolyn Dahl and potter Thomas Perry.

Painting with ceramic underglazes, Carolyn has developed brightly-colored and patterned surfaces on Thomas’ stoneware bowls and pitchers, while her hand-dyed and -painted quilts provide a lush accompaniment to his copper patina stoneware vessels. Thomas also includes some new colored clay pieces in the show.

Each established exhibitors in their own right, these two artists for the first time worked together to create a series of collaborative works, many of clay, formed by Thomas and decorated by Carolyn. Included in the show are solo works as well, though grouped in such a way as to underscore the fundamental collaboration.

Carolyn and Thomas