Linda McFarling



Rope Platter  


Inventory No.: PEN-LMF7000

Linda McFarling, rope platter



Butter Dish  

$70.00 [SOLD]

Inventory No.: PEN-LMF7001

Linda McFarling, butter dish





Inventory No.: PEN-LMF7002

Linda McFarling, butter dish





Inventory No.: PEN-LMF7003

Linda McFarling, cup




$45.00 [SOLD] 

Inventory No.: PEN-LMF7004

Linda McFarling, cup





Inventory No.: PEN-LMF7005

Linda McFarling, vase


Split Rim Bowl  


Inventory No.: PEN-LMF7006

Linda McFarling, split rim bowl


Boat w/Handle  


Inventory No.: PEN-LMF7007

Linda McFarling,boat with handle

About the show

"Through the Years: Penland Ceramic Artists" showcases the work of more than 50 contemporary clay artists with ties to Penland School of Crafts, a storied national center for craft education located in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains.


This unique show, envisioned by curator, well-known ceramic artist and Penland alumnus, Malcolm Davis and one of 18 Hand Gallery’s owners, Karen Cruce, with a goal to raise funds to help ceramic students studying at Penland.  “Every generation of ceramic artists has a responsibility to assure that this art form stays alive,” emphasizes creator Karen Cruce.  She continues, “funding anything from studio fees to full scholarships will guarantee that future generations will know the satisfaction of working in clay.”

Penland School of Crafts is dedicated to helping people live creative lives. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Penland offers one-, two-, and eight-week workshops in twelve media along with artist residencies, a gallery, and community education programs. Penland's clay classes cover a huge range of ideas and techniques including functional work, sculpture, casting, and surface techniques. These programs have helped train and inspire thousands of professional and avocational ceramic artists.